Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki is a magnificent natural attraction of Lefkada and among the 10 best beaches in Greece and in the Mediterranean. The name is said to be because formerly only goats could reach this area.

The natural beauty of Porto Katsiki is one of the most recognisable of the island. Rough white cliffs form a wild yet impressive scenery and a unique antithesis with the turquoise blue Ionian waters. The unique view of the white cliffs over the beach combined with the surrounding green of the area and the turquoise water of the sea make this beach a “must visit” for tourists.

Access can be fairly difficult by car as there is only one road which reaches the beach. There are car park areas available, but we recomend to visit early in the morning to avoid traffic durinf the peak hours. The most convenient way to reach it is by boat. There are numerous excursions to this beach, both from Nidri or Vasiliki. Visiting Porto Katsiki beach is usually a part of the trip to the Egremnibeach. There are also larger boats from Nidri, which, except from these beaches, can take you to several islands nearby (Kefalonia, Ithaca, etc.)

Porto Katsiki beach is a unique sightseeing experience. It is an ideal place for everybody, also for families; however, be aware of the big waves in the afternoon hours. This unique landscape is so spectacular that it will be inscribed forever in the memory of whoever visits this beach, whether he approaches it from the land or by boat from the sea.

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