Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach

The Egremni beach is one of the finest beaches on the island of Lefkada, which by default makes it one of the best in Greece. It is famous for remarkably blue and clear waters and long sandy beach. It is one of the longest beaches on Lefkada, stretching for more than 2.5 km, so it never gets too crowded no matter the cruise ships which sometimes drop tourists. The sunset on the beach is simply breathtaking. The beach is composed of white sand characteristic for Ionian Islands and fine pebbles very comfortable to lie on and relax under the sun.

It is surrounded by cliffs and as a consequence, not so easy accessible. There used to be around 350 steps down to the beach (before the earthquake of 2015) that didn’t seem to have put too many people off as this is a popular beach and the facilities were good. As a result of the earthquake, the stairs broke down, so Egremni beach is only accessible by boat.

There are numerous excursions to this beach, both from Nidri or Vasiliki. Visiting Egremni beach is usually a part of the trip to the beaches Porto Katsiki and Agiofili. There are also larger boats from Nidri, which, except from these three beaches, can take you to several islands nearby (Kefalonia, Ithaca, etc.)

There are no contents on the beach, so it’s necessary to bring food, water and parasol with you.

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